to do lists

  1. subordinate numbering sequences see page 10 of AMSmath manual
  2. XeTeX Companion
  3. Writing a thesis with LaTeX
  4. ปรับปรุง A (Not So) Short Introduction to LaTeX2e , finish chapter 3 at last.
    May be the whole document must be changed to UTF-8 with XeTeX
  5. in 4 still use english index and may be changed to thai later
  6. Thaiconv TIS-620 to UTF 8. The program works very well.
  7. Compile SWATH with MinGW
  8. loggraph paper
  9. Hack xepersian
  10. Post some beamer templates — parts
  11. Polyglossia: A Babel Replacement for XeLaTeX
  12. PDF viewers, I have three. Each of them for what?
  13. pst-solides3d cool!
  14. backref — Back referencing from bibliographical citations
  15. Defining the Color of Lines for Plotting
  16. LyX Template for general office document.
  17. isomath (Mathbold italic)
  18. Interactive Learning Modules for PID Control
  19. Free PDFtool
  20. subfig the superset of subfigure
  21. lettrine package
  22. titlepage code
  23. mathdesign package

Thai LaTeX for windows project

  • Swath
    1. Google code
    2. Complie SWATH with MinGW
    3. Connect with
    4. Binary installation by NSIS
    5. Thai manual
  • Thai LaTeX
    1. Google code
    2. Ready installation files
    3. Installation by NSIS
    4. A (not so) Short Introduction to LaTeX2e
    5. XeTeX hack and summit to
    6. Thai tutorial pages
    7. thaidoc.cls package (A class for Thai government document.)

3 comments on “to do lists

  1. I do not know about Thai, but in the right to left languages like Persian, there are a lot to consider. But if Thai, is a left to right or top to bottom language, then you should be fine.

    It is so great to have xethai in addition to other XeTeX packages.
    Please feel free to contact me if there is anything that I can help you with.

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